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About CFAM Technologies

CFAM Technologies (Pty) Ltd developed from a research project in 1998 to an established extruder technology company. In 2002 the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing was established at the School for Mechanical Engineering at the North-West University. The focus of CFAM was to do research and development in twin-screw extrusion technology, high precision manufacturing, reverse engineering and product localisation.

The twin-screw extruders that were developed by CFAM are a good example of localisation through initial reverse engineering and further product development and optimisation. Previously twin-screw extruders were imported from mainly Europe, the UK and the USA. However, CFAM developed twin-screw extruders in Africa for the African industry.

In 2007 CFAM Technologies (Pty) Ltd was established to roll out products commercially that were developed at the NWU. The NWU is a shareholder of CFAM Technologies. Twin-screw extruders are used for food extrusion, feed extrusion, polymer extrusion, powder coating and compounding extrusion.

CFAM Technologies is also involved in the Department of Trade and Industry’s Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing (CoE) which was established in 2009 at the NWU. The company assists the CoE to implement their projects and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Our Vision

As the leading manufacturer of twin-screw food extruders in Africa, our vision is to become the supplier of choice for extruders in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply reliable extruders of highest quality to Africa and the World backed by an excellent team with values.

Our Brand Promise

Quality – We do not compromise on the quality of our extruders

Integrity – We conduct our business with integrity, adhere to our ethical values and proud ourselves in being a responsible company

Reliable – Our extruders have earned its reputation as being a reliable extruder built in Africa for Africa

Excellent team – We take pride in having a winning team that live up to our brand promise